Chance II

What if the play were less a procession of events, than it were a procession of themes wherein the specific player enunciating a topic were irrelevant? Where Themes I treated Hamlet’s themes as temporally dispersed conversations that superseded a character’s immediate context, what if these themes were treated as a bag from which characters randomly presence? Would sense become less a matter of speaking to another, than of belonging to a given container? Find here a sonification to explore this reassessment of what it means to make sense. Here the specific order in which themes present has been preserved, but who speaks and which specific line is spoken are randomly selected from the totality of all lines correlated to that theme. For each of these thematic events, a sound particular to the randomly chosen character will play. As in Chance I, every run of this sonification will produce a new revision of the text. As you listen, consider how the play’s themes circulate and structure the text independently of the characters.